Smithtown School Buildings

Lots of pencils, lots of books and we
loved our teacher's dirty looks

Education In Smithtown

Conceived and written by Mark Goldberg and produced and directed by Chris Marcantel – both graduates of
Smithtown High School West class of 1976.

Worked on and crewed by current Smithtown students.

A feature length documentary looking at the history and present state of the education system of Smithtown, NY from its beginnings in 1665 through today.

We will be documenting the school buildings, libraries and other buildings used to educate the people of Smithtown, as well as interview educators and students past and present of these institutions.


Other areas that will be studied and documented will be:


These are some of our current and future films and TV series:

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Education In Smithtown - - Lots of pencils, lots of books, and we loved our teachers dirty looks

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Scams Are Us - - You have it, we'll take it

In Search of Whale Vomit - - It'll help you smell better


Oh Deer - How we live with our forested friends


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